"Mr. Jordan lit the place on fire!"

Stacey Jordan is a thought provoking motivator with a passion for inspiring others toward having the best in life. His dynamic speaking style creates excitement and his message brings a clarity that takes his audience to a higher level of understanding. As a speaker and published author, Stacey focuses on causing one to see the value of his/her presence in life.  He aims to raise the expectations that people have for themselves as well as those whom they influence. He has touched many around the world with his engaging personal stories, captivating presentation, and change inciting message that “All things can be for those who believe.”

Stacey shares his message everywhere from middle schiool classrooms to the lecture halls of universities. He inspires in the workplace as well as places of worship.

Stacey is recognized for his work with young adults and his efforts to inspire the next generation. He firmly believes that the leaders of tomorrow can only be effective if we prepare them properly today,



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Look Like a Boy, Think Like a Man

True manhood is passed down from one man to another.  Like a trek into deep wilderness, the path to becoming a real man is wrought with many narrow trails, steep cliffs and blind passages. The proper techniques of manhood are invaluable to a young man headed on this long and challenging journey.



Look Like a Boy, Think Like a Man: 4 Principles That Make Young Men Prosper is the handbook that instructs young men in the guidelines of maturity, honesty, and character.  The four principles Stacey Jordan gives are packed with the most fundamental elements of what it takes to be a successful man.


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