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Hi! I'm Stacey

My name is Stacey Jordan.  and I am a professional communicator.  I  speak, write, blog, teach, coach, and sometimes I even preach.  I do all of these things because I live to help others do better and I love giving people good news.  My life is most fullfilling when I'm using my gifts and experiences to help people along their own path to purpose.  I'm sure it's what I was put on this planet to do!

I truly value my work of serving people as a communicator.  Perhaps the only God-given blessing that I treasure more than being a speaker is my "little village".  I've been a husband to one wife and father to our six children for the past twelve years.  They are my first students and my best teachers.  I can hardly go anywhere without talking about my family.  Anyone who's ever heard me speak has either listened to a story about them or a lesson that I've learned through living with them.  I have a larger family than many people expect, but then again my whole life is full things I never expected.

As a kid growing up in the suburbs of Washington D.C., like many boys my age, I expected to become a professional athlete.  I spent my youth chasing those dreams on the football field.  I even managed to play at the collegiate level. But when I suddenly broke my leg so severely that doctors said I was in danger of losing it, those dreams shattered like my broken bones.

After finishing college, I expected that my business degree would grant me a high paying corporate job, a fast rise to management, and a big salary.  But after the stock market and real estate woes of the early 2000's, there werent very many good prospects.  Despite my high expectations, I was forced to take a job that kept the bills paid.  I was married with a daughter and one more on the way by then and the money supported my family, but I grew to hate my job.

Although I didn't enjoy the work, I was a good employee.  I was offered jobs by several recruiters who knew that I was a star.  I felt like I was on top of the world.  I left my job expecting to be hired into the high paying position that I'd been praying for.  To my surprise and gut wrenching disappointment, none of those promised positions came through.  With my high hopes and expectations dashed once again, I was left jobless and dreamless.  I spent many days at home with my children trying to figure out what to do.  I was only twenty-four at the time, but I felt like my life had ended.

I didn't expect to have anything else to offer, however, in my lowest moment, I found my voice.  From the outside, to my suprise, people viewed me as a success.  I was a college graduate, I had played on a Division I football team in college, I recieved many accolades as a corporate employee (including recognition for brining a branch of an international company from last to first place in customer service), and most importantly I was a succesful husband and father.  I began to see how valuable my experiences really were.  I realized that I had a good life with plenty of successes, and when I started sharing how I overcame struggles to achieve them, my career as a communicator began.

From that time until now I have made it my mission to help people know their purose and take their place in life.  It is my job to connect you with your "Why?".  No matter what people say or how contrary circumstances may seem, there's a reason that your'e here and a good life in store for you.  Let's get it!

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