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"I believe that the strength of a community is directly related to the condition of its men.  As we build strong men, we lay the foundations of a stronger Community."
-Stacey Jordan 

Manhood Topics

Stacey speaks on a variety of topics involving manhood for teen, young adult, and adult audiences. The objective of these talks is to create awareness, express the necessity, and instill the virtues of  true manhood. 
How to Think LIke a MAN

Young men are in danger! Every day they are under threat of being infected by aggressive, violent, promiscuous, negligent, apathetic, and emasculated male images? Many don't even know what it actually means to be a man.  Without the right perspective of manhood they have no way of knowing the difference between being a male and becoming a man?

Through this profound discussion on manhood, Stacey draws the distinction between male behavior and what it means to be a real man.  His insightful lessons, combined with comical anecdotes, 

reach young men on their level and introduce them to the tenants of genuine manhood.

Stacey also delivers this message for adult men in a way that encourages them to exemplify the character of a true man as they bare the standard for the next generation. 

The Guy Code
What Women Should Know About Choosing the Right Kind of Man

Are you a young woman who constantly finds herself attracted to the wrong guys? Do you want to know how to find and attract a quality gentleman?

In this unique presentation for young women, Stacey provides a guidline on how to avoid male decoys and to develop an eye for the perfect kind of man. After this in-depth heart-to-heart talk, a young lady will know exactly how to identify a good man and steer clear of pretenders.

Interested in other topics? Contact us today to find out more about Stacey's other motivational talks and how he can prepare a tailored talk just for your group. 

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