Motivational Topics

"Half Full is Still Half!"
How to Find Your Passion and Live on Purpose

Even if you're a "glass half full" kind of still only have half of a glass!  And why settle for half when you can have the whole thing? Have you ever picked a major, or a career, or settled for things that fall short of your dreams?  Well it's time to aim higher, because you don't have to settle for a halfway existence.

Stacey will show you how to use your passion, and your ability to live a life of impact.  He'll also show you a little known secret that, once applied, will lift you to your highest dreams.

If you, your classmates, colleagues, or church members are looking for ways to inspire your natural passion and unlock your innate genius, let Stacey show you how four simple principles can elevate you to a life that is larger than you've ever imagined.

Do It B.I.G!
3 Keys to Building a Super Natural Self-Image

Often times our self-image doesn't live up to the level of our dreams.  We desire to live full lives, but when presented with a window of opportunity we think ourselves unqualified.  The fear of inadequacy can make a coward of us all, but when you know how powerful you really are you'll never back down again.  

Do you struggle to see yourself as a winner?  Do you aspire for more but constantly settle for less?  In "Do it B.I.G!" Stacey will show you how to release yourself from the prison of low self-esteem and give you a strategy for building a super natural self-image.  This motivational message will equip you with the confidence to walk into a glorious life that is tailor made for you.

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The Reborn Experience
Becoming a Person of Purpose and Faith

Brace yourself for impact! In a day when many teens and young adults succomb to the pressure of the world to conform, Stacey sounds the call to arise to greatness through "The Reborn Experience".

Stacey challenges young people to stand up and live out their God-given dreams by living a life of purpose and faith.  This is the perfect presentation for your school, church, or youth organization!

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