The Reason Why the Boyfriend Will Never Last

Whether you believe it or not, woman really do want and need a husband. But before I get myself stoned by an angry mob of feminists, let me explain what I mean. To be a husband means to be a male partner in marriage, right? The meaning of husband goes even deeper than that though. Upon looking into the word “husband” I’ve found that it means to be a steward, a person who serves, and one who protects. In fact the origin of the word husband is the Old English word husbonda which is a combination of the two words house (hus) and shelter (bondi). Think about that for a second. House. Shelter. These two words speak of structure. They sound like safety and integrity. They paint a picture of stewardship and protection. These are the words that define a real husband.

All these words are in sharp contrast to the word boyfriend. Boyfriend is a temporary status. That’s something that every man knows. He’ll remain a boyfriend for one of two reasons: 1) with the intent of qualifying a woman for a deeper relationship (i.e. wife), or 2) He’ll use the title as a way of keeping her as a placeholder until a better deal comes along. Either way, boyfriends are temporary.

My own father taught me to be a husband. He demonstrated to me that proper stewardship over those who I’m responsible for is the major purpose of a good man’s life. So, in training my sons to be good men and my daughters what a good man looks like, I work to demonstrate the service, stewardship, and protection of a husband. Tell me, what woman wouldn’t want a man like that?

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