Is He Male or is He MAN?

From private conversations up to public commentary, the words male and man (or female and woman) are used interchangeably. In doing so, however, the distinction between the two terms can be easily overlooked. The fact is that male doesn’t necessarily mean man.

There are plenty of examples that point to my previous statement as truth. Elephants, sharks, monkeys, trees, birds, horses, bugs, dogs, cats, and so on all have a male species. All these qualify as male, and yet none of them are Man. Even in humans its easy to mistake the qualities of a male for the quality of manhood. A deeper voice, facial hair, broad shoulders, and brute strength are some of the characteristics of the human male species. And while every Man will carry these traits, he also carries higher functions and discipline than a mere male. Here are some examples:

-Like a male dog, a male human will have sex with any available and willing female. A Man (being of a higher order) understands the bond of sex and the significant relationship that it creates with a woman.

-Like a male dog, a male human will create procreate without any thought of caring for the female or her offspring. A Man understands his value to a woman and their children and is driven to protect the family unit.

-Like a male dog, a male human will fight to preserve his own interests at all cost. He won’t allow anything to overcome his drive to fulfill his own desires. A Man is a giver and is interested in preserving and providing for others in his family and in his community.

The traits of manhood are not established through birth alone, unlike the male traits. Manhood comes through training. It is passed on from journeyman to apprentice and improved on over time. To lower the institution of manhood to the substandard male character is no less detrimental to the future of mankind than blatantly killing off every male child before he has the chance to become Man. It is necessary for us to understand, embrace, and uplift true manhood.

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